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Don’t Lose Your Home: Pay Your Property Taxes

The city catches up with homeowners who don’t pay their property taxes, and missing payments can cost you your property.

The bottom line is that the city considers homeowners to be responsible for paying their property taxes, whether a homeowner physically received the tax bill or not. Bought a new property and didn’t receive the tax bill? It’s best to look up your tax bill online and just pay it.

I thought I would also round up the basics for you future homeowners out there, because property taxes are something many don’t think a lot about during the purchasing process. Continue Reading

It’s San Francisco Property Tax Season

October isn’t just limited to trick or treaters coming to your house. If you’re a homeowner in San Francisco, you can also expect to receive your secured property tax bill.

Property taxes are due twice a year, with the first installment due no later than December 10th. (The second installment is due no later than next April 10th.) Continue Reading

Property Taxes Delinquent After Today

Today is the day that your property taxes are delinquent if you haven’t paid by the end of the day.

If you haven’t paid, the best thing to do is visit the Property Tax Payment section on the SFgov Web site. You can then select Secured Property Tax from the drop-down menu, and go from there.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, there a few things to keep in mind about how tax payment works.

First off, your tax bill may not reach you because the city will likely still have the property taxes under the name of the previous homeowner. It takes the city a while to update records after a sale. Continue Reading

SF Property Taxes Due This Week!

You’re trying to juggle all the moving parts in your life, and suddenly you realize that your property tax bill has been sitting in a pile in the office for the past several weeks. Yikes.

Because the second installment of San Francisco property taxes is due by 5PM on April 10th. If the city doesn’t receive your payment by then, you’ll be considered delinquent.

You can pay your property taxes online, but keep in mind there’s a 2.25% fee. So if you cut that check this week and postmark it by midnight on April 10th, you’ll be safe.

If you’re a new homeowner, you should be aware that there’s no foolin’ around when it comes to property taxes. If left unpaid, they quickly become a lien on your home.

For more on paying your property taxes, visit the Office of the Treasurer’s Web site.

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