SF Moves to Prohibit Garage Installations

Our friends at Plan C are asking for support in the San Francisco garage arena. This is an important issue for homeowners and property values. I’m sending along Plan C’s recent alert that I received this weekend:

“Don’t let garages become prohibited in S.F.!

Supervisor David Chiu has proposed to essentially prohibit garages in his district; North Beach, Chinatown and Telegraph Hill. A property owner would have to obtain a conditional use permit to install a garage.

The Board of Supervisors would now be the body to hear appeals, not the Planning Commission and the Board of Appeals. The proposal would completely prohibit garages in buildings in which any “no fault” eviction – Owner Move In (OMI), Capital Improvement, Ellis Act evictions etc – was performed in the prior 10 years.

If passed, this proposal could be the first step towards imposing similar restrictions in other parts of the City.

This is a power grab by the Board of Supervisors and an attempt to incorporate the rent ordinance into the planning code and punish property owners. Both of these are bad ideas. Supervisor Dufty is the swing vote on this proposal. He voted for it with reservations on the first vote. We need you to write to him to let him know your opposition to this bad legislation. We need Supervisor Dufty to vote no on this, so that a Mayor’s veto can be sustained.

The next vote is scheduled for Tuesday February 23.

Please e-mail the Mayor, the Supervisors (including Supervisor Dufty) by clicking here – let them know that you oppose this legislation .

Also, please call the Mayor and Supervisor Dufty. Tell them the same thing (the phone call is easy, and youll be speaking either to a volunteer staffer or an aide):

Mayor Gavin Newsom 554-6141
District 1- Eric Mar- 554-7410
District 2- Michela Alioto-Pier- 554-7752
District 3- David Chiu- 554-7450
District 4- Carmen Chu- 554-7460
District 5- Ross Mirkarimi- 554-7630
District 6- Chris Daly- 554-7970
District 7- Sean Elsbernd- 554-6516
District 8- Bevan Dufty- 554-6968
District 9- David Campos- 554-5144
District 10- Sophie Maxwell- 554-7670
District 11- John Avalos- 554-6975″

4 responses to “SF Moves to Prohibit Garage Installations”

  1. Anonymous says:

    An “attempt to punish property owners”? Give me a break. Always interesting to see real estate professionals mix their politics with their business. You’ve turned at least one potential customer off.

    • insidesfre says:

      Thanks got your comment. I like to keep homeowners informed about what legislation may be afoot that will affect them. In case you didn’t notice, I cut and pasted Plan C’s recent message. Merely forwarding their info to my readers, who find value in these sort of alerts. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. I notice you changed your lead to a more neutral wording. For any readers whose politics may be a little different than “our friends” at Plan C, I recommend this link: http://sf.streetsblog.org/2010/02/22/dufty-still-deliberating-as-garage-legislation-vote-looms/#more-147981

    I’m a homeowner and I like the measure. Adding garages to existing buildings is a matter that affects our friends the public — tenants, neighbors, & pedestrians alike — and it’s appropriate for the Planning Department to have a say.

    • insidesfre says:

      Thanks again–I re-read the post and realized it could be misconstrued as my own words. The verbage of the alert is a little more emotional than I’d prefer, as well. I see both sides of the issue, but I’m not voicing any big opinions on my blog. Actually prefer to leave politics to other bloggers. Lord knows there are enough of them out there. 🙂

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