Property Taxes Delinquent After Today

Today is the day that your property taxes are delinquent if you haven’t paid by the end of the day.

If you haven’t paid, the best thing to do is visit the Property Tax Payment section on the SFgov Web site. You can then select Secured Property Tax from the drop-down menu, and go from there.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, there a few things to keep in mind about how tax payment works.

First off, your tax bill may not reach you because the city will likely still have the property taxes under the name of the previous homeowner. It takes the city a while to update records after a sale.

You’ll probably be paying taxes at this point under the previous owners’ tax rate. However, the city does catch up and will eventually send what’s called a supplemental tax bill. You’re then taxed on the difference between the old and new tax base.

In the end, the city doesn’t accept any excuses for not paying, even if it hasn’t sent you a bill.

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