Update: 31 Walter Rocks the House

Update: 31 Walter Rocks the House

There’s nothing like a Duboce Triangle teardown update to brighten your day.

I stopped in at 31 Walter at the end of September, when it came on the market as a contractor special listed at $599,000. I thought the price was well below lot value for the location.

Offers came and went, and now this probate sale is awaiting court confirmation. The court date is October 27th, and if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring, here’s the deal: First overbid is 5% plus $500 over the $775,000 accepted offer. So if you can swing at least $814,250, head on over to court and try your luck. Somebody’s gonna have a nice single-family home on Walter in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. The agent is not communicating with the lender correctly because 31 Walter is scheduled to be auctioned off today on the court house steps for far less than 775k.

  2. Interesting update, I haven’t checked back on the progress of the sale. Thanks for the heads up! Curious turn of events.

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