What My Clients Are Saying

Here’s what clients have recently said about my real estate services:

“We closed escrow last week on our first home in SF, with Eileen representing us. I first came to know of Eileen through her blog which I’d been reading since 2009 in the hope of eventually buying a place in SF. When that dream became a reality and we were ready to take the plunge, it was only natural for us to go straight to Eileen.

We were not easy clients for various reasons, but somehow Eileen managed to work with us.
1. Eileen put us on an email alert service to automatically update us with new listings. She also screened everything that came on the market and told us the pros and cons of each so that we didn’t waste our time. Eileen quickly became attuned to what we were looking for.

2. As if that wasn’t enough, I (being somewhat anal retentive) scoured every real estate resource I have access to several times a day and emailed Eileen probably 30+ times a day with new listings, questions about various aspects of the real estate process, random thoughts, what I should eat for breakfast, you name it. Yet I found Eileen was always willing and able to respond to each and every one of my emails within a few minutes with her advice and feedback.

3. We are very picky and want what everyone else in SF seems to want (move-in ready property with expansion potential in a safe neighborhood with good weather, close to public transportation, retail and eateries, nice kitchens and bathrooms) yet we were on a limited budget and tight timeframe. Eileen calmly pressed on when quite frankly we’d given up.

4. I want to have seen houses before they’re even listed. Meanwhile, my husband is very busy with his work and on a very difficult schedule to plan house showings around cos he never knows when he’s going to be available. Eileen was always able to be flexible in her schedule and work around our craziness.

5. Eileen was able to educate us on all the ins and outs of the real estate purchasing process, as well as what to expect given current market conditions. We were outbid on several properties before landing our current home, many times competing against 10+ offers at substantially above asking price.  We eventually got to the point of writing an offer in a matter of minutes and not even batting an eyelid when our offer was rejected. Eileen was again excellent at managing our expectations throughout this process, counseling us on what kind of offer price is likely to work and not work, reminding us that even in defeat the search must go on… and then, eventually, you find “the one”.

In short, Eileen is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. As far as purchasing real estate in SF goes, I would not work with anyone else.”–Judy C, Buyer, Bernal Heights


“My husband and I worked with Eileen a few years ago when we decided to buy a 3 unit building. She was actually the seller’s agent, but she ended up helping us close the deal much more than our own agent. She even went so far as to have lunch with our out of town investor and helped convince him that it was a good investment opportunity!

A lot of real estate agents tend to be friendly, outgoing types because that is what the job requires. But Eileen is much more than just a good salesperson; she has a great deal of integrity and I would trust her to help buy or sell a house. Either way, you will be lucky to work with her. Additionally, Eileen is one of the most hard working and informed agents in the business. As I like to keep an eye on the real estate market, financing trends, etc., I am impressed by how often I see Eileen, addressing the most complex and up-to-date real-estate questions.

I really can’t recommend Eileen more highly.  She is a great person to work with and next time we buy a building we will be using her.”–Gamin K., Buyer, The Haight 


“Eileen made selling our tenancy-in-common as easy as it could be in this difficult market. Our apartment was sold before the first open house could happen and at full asking price. When we met financing and complex issues she persevered, or the apartment might still be unsold. In addition, she is a delight to work with, responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. Her marketing program is up to date and effective and we loved her blog. She is well known and respected in the real estate community, and you can see that reflected in her response from other real estate professionals. We are thrilled to have worked with her and would be happy to talk to anyone about our experience. ” Robin M., Seller, Russian Hill


“We were not easy clients: My co-purchaser is a licensed Realtor who practiced in Santa Cruz for 10 years, and I’m a first time home buyer. We are picky, have very high expectations of service, and are very busy. I found Eileen through her blog, which is a great primer for anyone interested in San Francisco real estate. Eileen was a great fit for us because:1. She is so plugged in that she had the first pictures of a condo development that would not be on the market for several more months.2. She didn’t just put us an email alert service to automatically update us with new listings. She screened everything that came on the market and told us the pros and cons of each so that we didn’t waste our time.3. She provided a real education on current market conditions in our price, neighborhoods, and interest range. She did not wast our time dragging us to places that were inappropriate for our needs. 4. She goes above and beyond. We’ve closed escrow but she is still helping deal with some outstanding issues. When we were in escrow we were not able to meet the binds installer. So she went to our new place meet him. She almost always responded to calls or emails immediately…no wait to get questions answered or problems addressed. After working with her I can confidently say that she is incredibly organized, personable, caring and responsive. I highly recommend working with her.” Miriam S., Buyer, Inner Mission


“Eileen was fantastic to work with while we sold our home in the Outer Parkside in the spring/summer of 2009 and we would recommend her highly. She’s responsive, cheerful, thorough, tech-savvy and smart. Beyond liking her on a personal level, it was important for us to imagine her working well with all the potential buyers and their agents. She didn’t disappoint. She did a great job marketing our place.With her help, we priced correctly and had a HUGE turnout for our first open house — without lowballing the price, which seems somewhat dishonest to me — and we had four offers in hand by the end of the week. We went through them thoroughly, chose the best one for us and then left it to her the rest of the way. She educated us on the expected timeline and potential pitfalls, helped us choose a staging company and get other estimates, and was very prompt with extra forms that needed signing as well as status updates on all the various contingencies that have to be processed. We would definitely work with her again. You wouldn’t go wrong by including her in your evaluations of real estate agents.”   Gary R., Seller, Outer Parkside


“Eileen is a star! She helped us buy our first home in the fall of 2008. She walked us through the process in simple terms that we could understand and we felt comfortable asking her whatever minor questions we had whenever they came up. We really appreciated that she pushed us to find just the right place and to be patient (which we are not!) until we found a really great home. She gave us excellent guidance on how and when to make ourbids. She worked closely with our mortgage broker to make sure we were meeting all of our deadlines and gave us support after the sale for how to make sure our move went well. We had even had multiple relatives/friends visiting homes with us and she tolerated all of it! Best of all, she did everything with such a great sense of humor that we enjoyed working with her at every step.”   Amie L., Buyer, Excelsior


“Eileen is a fantastic real estate agent that represented my husband and me as a buyers this past fall. This was actually the second time she represented my husband (who is extremely particular).  She was absolutely amazing from start to finish and even now, she serves as a great resource for us on any questions we have and resources we might need and I can’t say enough good things about her.We had a somewhat complicated sale at a very bumpy time in the economy (think October 2008 when the dow dropped to the lowest since the great depression and lending was almost as a stand-still) and she was very thorough and informational throughout the entire process.  She was great about always explaining what was happening and why.  There is so much that goes along with purchasing a home and it’s really easy to get lost in the paperwork and language.  Especially around that time period.  It was great to feel comfortable the entire way through and we owe that to Eileen.  During the looking process, she really got to know what we liked and what our style was and suggested some great places to look at.  During the bidding process, she was always quick, very responsive, great on follow-up (nothing gets dropped)  and she’s very organized and diligent.  Sometimes, I wondered how she could have a happy social life because she was always responding to us!   In the process of buying our place we had the opportunity to interact with other agents (ie-selling, open houses,…) and after we left, we were always so glad that we were working with Eileen.And even now after the sale is over, as mentioned earlier, she serves as a great resource and we know she’s there for us.  And she is just as responsive as when we were in the buying process, which I was very impressed by.If you are looking to buy, I would highly recommend contacting Eileen.  You will not be disappointed.”   Michelle K., Buyer, Inner Mission


“Eileen is an amazing agent who represented me as a buyer. She quickly discovered what I was looking for in a house and provided me with frequent listings that contained several appealing options. She diligently followed up on the offers we placed (which were many, as it was a seller’s market at the time). She was constantly in touch with me and promptly returned all of my calls. Not one opportunity was lost due to lack of communication, which I can’t say for some of my previous real estate acquisitions. She found the perfect house for me and gave me great advice that helped me place my competitive offer that was accepted (I was new to the San Francisco housing market). Eileen’s assistance does not end when the transaction is completed. She sends frequent market updates, news letters, remiders of taxes due, and also information about workshops pertaining to the buying/selling of property. I personally like the market updates, so I can track the value of my house, which has only gone up! Highly recommended, if you’re interested in buying property.”   Bob C., Buyer, Corona Heights


“Can’t say enough about Eileen. She secured a way-over-asking offer for our house by managing the expectations of the interested buyers and their agents, communicating consistently with them (and us), and  always keeping the process positive and moving forward.  Our closing was a snap and there were no surprises. What more do you want from an agent?She continues to keep us abreast of the market with her insightful newsletters and analysis.  We’ve recommended her to friends and will definitely use her again ourselves.”   Kathleen S., Seller, Merced Manor


“Eileen was our agent when we bought our multi-unit in SF.  It was one of the smoothest real estate transactions we’ve had and we are real estate investors.  Her information was timely with respect to inspections and next steps.  She is thorough, and professional.  She at the same time establishes a relationship with you that let’s you know that you are her priority and that she is looking out for your best interests.  I will continue to use Eileen’s services and highly recommend her to others.”   Cynthia S., Buyer, Bernal Heights


“Eileen was my agent when I bought my house in SF. She guided me expertly through the process, laying out the steps, the time frame and pointing out the most important items. She listened to my concerns and addressed them carefully. She is very responsive to phone calls and emails, returning them in a very prompt manner. Even after buying the house, the expert advice continued. She has a long list of names for any kind of work that might need to be done on the house. She sends reminders to pay your property tax. She sends information on houses for sale in the neighborhood. Eileen is great!”   Linda A., Buyer, Inner Sunset


“I hope we can work together again! I must say- it is so refreshing having an agent perform to the best of their abilities on behalf of the client. You restored my faith in real estate agents and proved to me that not all agents are out for just the commission, but had the borrowers best interest at hand. Thank you! “  Michelle B., Senior Loan Processor



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