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Don’t Push Back on Pulling Credit

If you’re interested in figuring out what you can afford in the San Francisco real estate market, the first step is getting fully preapproved for a loan. And part of that process involves a lender pulling your credit so it can verify the type of loan for which you’ll qualify.

My colleagues at Guarantee Mortgage report that some buyers are resistant to having their credit pulled. Indeed, I’ve had clients question why such activity is necessary. The upshot is that pulling credit has more of a purpose than just determining the buyer’s credit score.

Lenders in the current market—especially jumbo lenders—are equally as interested in the “depth” of borrowers, says Guarantee Mortgage. For example, they want to see that a buyer has used credit in the past 24 months, and believe that if the buyer doesn’t have debt, the credit score may be compromised. As a result, the lender may not be getting an accurate read on the borrower’s ability to pay. Continue Reading

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