Latest SF Sales, Spotlight on SoMa

Who doesn’t love to look at sales reports hot off the presses? This edition of the Zephyr Market Tracker shows you what sold, and for how much above or below the list price.

We also look at what’s for sale in SoMa, and what Project Open Hand recently did for the community.

It’s all here in the Zephyr Market Tracker!

Marina vs Mission, MoMa Update & More

The latest San Francisco numbers are out, and you can get the details in the latest MarketTracker. (Surprise: House and condo prices are up over the past 180 days.)

We also present a Mission vs Marina smackdown, along with an update on the Museum of Modern Art’s upcoming expansion. Plus, get the deets on Mission Playground’s excellent upgrades that will really benefit the neighborhood.

It’s all here in this issue of MarketTracker. Enjoy!