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What You Can Buy in NoPa

I toured a variety of properties in NoPa (North Panhandle) last week on broker tour. Panhandle inventory typically features multi-unit buildings and large single-family homes, many of which are classic Victorian and Edwardian styles.  The neighborhood is a bit more urban in nature than, say, Cole Valley, but a lot of the homes are improved when new folks move into the ‘hood. I found a trio of quintessential North Panhandle properties worth looking at: Continue Reading

Approved Short Sales Worth the Effort

Many buyers in San Francisco either shy away from short sales because they seem too complicated, or gravitate toward them with the goal of getting a good deal. The reality is that short sales can be lengthy, disappointing, and simply facilitate the bank getting market rate for a property. Continue Reading

Q2 in SF: How’d We Do?

The first half of 2011 is in the bag. Our San Francisco real estate market has been seeing its share of ups and downs–and so have its buyers and sellers.

I’ve observed a fair share of what I like to call “mood swings” in the market. On the one hand, there are properties that are sitting on the market and ultimately selling for far below their original list prices. This outcome has been most common among luxury properties. Continue Reading

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